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Mission Statement

The Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council (VACALC) is a statewide professional affiliation group addressing alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) issues on the college campus. VACALC offers leadership and professional advice regarding the prevention of high risk, hazardous ATOD-related behavior through collaboration, education, support, networking, mentoring, and advocacy. VACALC promotes science-based and innovative strategies to achieve healthier and safer college communities.

What is VA CALC?

The Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council discusses alcohol-related issues in the Commonwealth and is the planning body for the annual College Conference and other state and regional trainings.

Who are We?

We are professionals from throughout the state gathered to identify what can be done statewide to help maintain, and ideally increase, the attention given to alcohol abuse prevention on campuses and in their surrounding communities.

Emerging from this group of approximately 25 professionals was the belief that a "set of standards" or guidelines for all institutions of higher learning in Virginia would be very helpful. The rationale was that if clear standards and criteria for implementing sound, thoughtful approaches could be generated, individual college campuses would benefit.

VACALC is guided by a Steering Committee, with membership from a Coordinating Council and Regional Coordinators. Institutional affiliations and contact information can be found under Contact.

Operational Guidelines

The VACALC Leadership has established operating guidelines helpful for implementation of its mission of promoting healthy and safe campuses.


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